We are a group of hard working Christians trying to impact the community where we are located (Guyandotte, WV) for Jesus Christ.  We are a little church that can do.  We believe in showing God’s love by the actions and works / projects that we complete.  We believe wholly and fully in the Bible and try to obey God’s commands.  Jesus said to show him that we love him, we are to keep and obey his commands.  If you want to work for the Lord, need encouragement, need uplifted, need to be loved, you have found the right group of Christians that want to labor with you for the Lord.

We also feel deeply as being “People of the Book”.  Our Bible studies are deep and we want to know our God by studying his Word.  We believe a Christian has to grow to maturity which takes a lifetime.  Our leadership of this church is God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.  It is their church and we are their servants to do their will.  We come together on Sundays to worship from our heart to God.  We meet every Sunday and Wednesday nights to study God’s Word.

Please come join us, grow and love in Christ.