Busy, Busy, Busy

Scripture: Matthew 22:36-39

If you ask someone how they are doing, they may respond by saying they are busy.  We all have busy lives.  We are busy, busy, busy.  But did you know that a Christian has to make priorities.  Above all, we are to love God first.   In all that we do, God comes first if you are a child of God.

The second priority is to love our spouse, family and friends as much as ourselves.  Minister Vernon Eldridge teaches from Matthew 22 and tells us what happens if we don’t place God first in our lives and love our neighbor as ourselves.  On Judgement Day, there maybe a lot of people who know the Word of God, but never did it.  God will say, I never knew you.

Listen to the audio message by clicking the triangle below.

Audio sermon by Minister Vernon Eldridge September 11, 2016 AM


The Wallaces lead the decision time by leading the congregation in singing “The River”

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