Past Events (Page 2)

Farmdale Revival

Farmdale Church of Christ is having a revival March 17th through 20th. Good fellowhip and messages from God’s Word by Micah Stephen starting  6:00pm on Sunday and the other days 7:00. Please plan to attend.

Winter Worship & Worshop Barnabas Retreat

The Barnabas Ministries will be having their Winter Worship & Workshop in Pigeon Forge, TN February 11th – 14th. Everyone really says the retreat is very good and uplifts your spirit.  We have posted this really early so everyone can plan to attend.

Valentine’s Dinner

On February 7th at 7:00, the congregation is going to meet at Olive Garden and eat a meal together.  This is open to anybody that wants to come.  We will have a good time of fellowship.  Please plan to attend.

Santa’s Workshop

Our Santa’s Workshop will be held December the 8th.  This is a good time for the local families to come and select toys for their children.  The exact time will be announced at a later date.  See Jana Huron for details.

Home Coming 2018

We are going to celebrate our Home Coming November 11th.  We are going to invite all our members to ask former members to come to our homecoming.  We will have special singing by Art Bush and have a fellowship dinner after the morning service.  The PM worship service will be early at 5:00pm instead of…

Youth Movie Night

The youth will have a movie night from 5 to 7 on August 12th.  Ask Brady about details.  Please plan to attend.

Youth Pool Party

The youth will have a pool party at the Thomas’s house on August 5th from 5 to 7.  Ask Brady about the details.  Plan to attend.

Youth Game Night

The youth will have a game night from 5 to 7 pm on July 29, 2018.  Please plan to attend.  Contact Brady for details.

Mission Huntington

The congregation has decided to have a mission trip in the surrounding Guyandotte community from July 23rd to 28th.  We want the community to see Christ through us as we work with people in need.  Plans are being worked out.  We are trying to find people of the community with projects needing to be done.…