HIS Story

Get to Know Jesus Like You've Never Know Him Before“HIS Story” begins Sept 9th.  His Story is about telling the story of the life of Jesus, the Christ from his birth to death in a novel form.  Experience the life of Jesus like never before. His Story is the actual words of the Gospel only in the format of a novel. You will learn things about Jesus you never knew in a way you’ve never experienced.

The back book cover states:  As you read HIS Story we want you to feel the dust of the land, smell the freshness of the sea, hear the crowds, taste the bread and see the faces of the characters in Jesus’ life. In short, we want you to feel like you have walked and talked with Jesus. We wanted to make the harmony of the Gospel accounts read smoothly and easily, so that you can read them just like you would read a novel. But HIS Story is not an ordinary story. You are reading the account of the most significant life ever lived on Planet Earth.  We pray that HIS Story will change the way you live and view life, that it will lead to an absolute conviction that this man Jesus is exactly who He claimed to be—the one and only Son of God.

There are people opening up their homes on a weekly basis for Bible study about Jesus.  Books are available for $5.00  Sign up & participate.

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