Sermons by Russ Jordan

Love the Family of Believers

During our investigation and study of scriptures that talk about “one another”, one scripture states that we are to love one another.  Bro Russ Jordan teaches from I Peter 2:15-17 that we are to be sincere in loving the family of believers.  Be sincere…God requires it.  Get to know your brothers and sisters in Christ. …

Coming Clean

Coming Clean, that’s what King David did.  Minister Russ Jordan discusses King David and how he asked God to forgive his sins.  David came clean with God.  Russ uses the Old Testament text Psalms 51:7-12 Audio Sermon by Minister Russ Jordan Jan 30, 2011 AM  

Setting Our Paths Straight

Brother Russ  continues his sermon series “Behold I Make All Things New” concentrating on setting our paths straight by renewing our minds and searching for the truth.  Keeping and training our minds on the Lord requires us to seek truth.  His text is Romans 12:1-2. Audio Sermon by Minister Russ Jordan Jan 16, 2011 AM  

I Make All Things New

Minister Russ Jordan brings a lesson about the renewing that comes from God.  God is in the business of restoration.  The devil wants to keep you in your past.  Forget the past and look to the future.  Russ’s text is Philippians 3:7-16 Audio Sermon by Minister Russ Jordan Jan 9, 2011 AM