Remember Thomas?

The world is constantly watching Christians.  They want to see you fall.  And when you do, that is the thing they will remember you by.  The world will forget all the good deeds you have done and point out your fall.  Bro. Phil Fausts points out this problem with the Disciple Thomas, written in John…

Boldness in Christ

We sometimes try to go it alone and not rely on the power of God at our side.  Bro. Phil Faust teaches the changes that occured with the apostles after the death of Christ to the establishment of the Church in ACTS.  He shows the transformation from hiding together found in John 20:19, to speaking boldly for Christ, found in Acts 4:13. …

Be of Good Cheer

Our interm preacher, Phil Faust, explores the phrase “Be of Good Cheer” in scripture.  Phil mentions Kevin in the first part of his sermon.  Christians, facing problems or situations, should be happy because of God’s promises. Audio Sermon by Minister Phil Faust Oct 17, 2010 PM

One Nation Under God

Election time in approaching soon in our nation.  Our interm preacher, Bro. Phil Faust, shares a lesson about where the United States of America keeps pulling away from God.  Phil examines the seven woes found in Isaiah 5:11 and compares our nation’s moral decay with what is found in scripture. Audio Sermon #003 by Phil Faust Oct 17,…

Demons in This World

During our search for a new ministers, people in our congregation have stepped up to provide a message from God’s Word. Nick Adams is one of those individuals who gave us an insite to demons in our world. Audio Sermon by Nick Adams  Oct 3, 2010