Christianity is Not Karma

Scripture: John 8:21-36

Do you know what karma is?  Karma is the idea that what you do in this life, determines where you will end up after death.  In other words, if you do more good than bad, you go to heaven.  If not, hell.  Some major religions base their ideas on karma.  Christianity is not based on karma.  If we are obedient to Christ Jesus, your sins are completely removed, expunged, erased.  Jesus came and took our punishment for sins.  Sin is a heavy weight that separates us from God.  In Christ, we are free from guilt and shame of sin.  Minister Bob Huron does an excellent job in explaining how our sins are removed.  If we stay in the teachings of Jesus and be obedient, we will be free from the grip of sin.   Please click the link above to hear the audio sermon.

Audio sermon by Brother Bob Huron July 24, 2016 AM  (Due to technical issues, the whole sermon was not recorded)

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