Do You Love Me?

Scripture: John 21:1-17

“Do you love me?” Jesus asks Peter.  “You know I love you”, Peter answers.  “Feed my sheep”.  What was Jesus saying to Peter?  Jesus was saying to Peter to take care of his church.  The church is the bride of Christ.  Jesus wants Christians to take care of His church.  Brother Bob Huron, on Valentines Day, looks at the teachings of perfect love.  Jesus gave himself for the church.  He is the example for us today.

We need to ask ourselves these questions.  Do we spend time with the church?  Do we say words of love and comfort?  Do we build one another up?  Do we invest in the church?  Do we love Christ?  We are told to love His church.  Listen to Bob Huron’s discussion about this popular scripture from this month series called “All About Love”.

Audio sermon by Brother Bob Huron February 14, 2016 AM

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