God is Going to Send You a Rooster

Scripture: Luke 22: 14 – 34

We can learn a lot from Peter’s denial of Jesus.  Peter and the disciples had been on a mountain top with Jesus for three years.  They had seen many things proving Jesus was the Messiah.  Now, Jesus knew hard times and his death were ahead.  He was preparing his disciples for the trials and the low valleys they would soon face.  We can learn from Peter’s denial of Jesus.  We all fail Jesus some point in our Christian walk.  Jesus’ prays that our faith will stay strong even when we fail.  Also, we need to listen to the Holy Spirit when God sends a rooster to crow in our ear.  God is going to send you a rooster.  Wake up and be strong in your faith.

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Audio message by Minister Robert Huron March 18, 2018 AM

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