Jesus Changes Lives

Scripture: Luke 1: 5 – 25

Have you every thought that at a certain moment in your life, you would be at certain place in your life?  Most of the time you say to yourself, I’m just not where I thought I would be.  Life events can throw your plans for a loop.  But, if you are serving God and seeking to do His will, he can use you.  Such was the circumstances of Zachariah and Elizabeth.  They wanted to have a child, but could not.  They served God and continued to pray for God’s blessings.  And He did.  They had a son late in their life, named him John and he became a leader that prepared the world for Jesus.  There is nothing impossible for God.  If we are receptive to seeking God’s will, He will use us.

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Audio message by Minister Robert Huron December 03, 2017 AM

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