Judge Not

Scripture: Matthew 7:1-6

We have heard it often before, “Do Not Judge” quoted frequently and often from non-believers.  They state it in such a way that they are thinking they are excused and allowed to be defiant of God’s Word.  Jesus did say “Do not judge” but we have to look at the whole text and understand we are to have a discerning spirit.  We are not to judge with self-righteousness.  God is the judge and will determine the fate of each person before the judgement seat.

The scripture states that after we remove the plank out of our eye, we are to help remove the speck out of our brother or sisters eye.  Minister Robert Huron dissects this teaching of Jesus recorded in Matthew.  This is a very good sermon.  Please take time to listen.

Audio sermon by Brother Bob Huron May 24, 2015 AM

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