The Seventh Seal

Scripture: Revelation 8

We look at the opening of the seventh seal in Revelation chapter 8.  With the opening of the seal, heaven is silent while hearing the prayers of the saints.  Trumpets, which are used to call the church to worship or signalling for battle, are sounded and calamity occurs on earth.  Minister Robert Huron explains one of the trumpets, the 3rd trumpet, and how the living water is poisoned by false teaching in the church.  This is described in the scripture as wormwood poisoning the living water of the Church of Christ.  One third of the people are lead astray by false doctrine and perish.  Revelation should not be taking literally but as pictures symbolic of what happens to people found outside of the victory of Jesus Christ and the Church.

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Audio message by Minister Robert Huron November 19, 2017 AM

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