We Need Encouragement

We need encouragement in many ways today.  The people of the church need encouragement.  Satan wants to put you down, to make you inefficient.  We are not here to change society, we are here to be God’s ambassadors and show the world Jesus.  We are to show Christ.  Paul tells the church at Colossae that we are to expect that our legacy is to struggle working for Jesus.  It will cost us.  Second, Paul teaches that what propels the church is unity in Christ.  We need to be involved in things that are eternal.  Finally,  our message is Jesus Christ.  We need to fight and stand for the things that matters.  Listen to this message of encouragement from Minister Robert Huron.

Scripture: Colossians 1:24 – 2:5

Please click the link above to hear the audio sermon.

Audio message by Minister Robert Huron February 10, 2019 AM

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