What is Your Level of Commitment to Jesus?

What does it mean to deny yourself, take up your cross daily, and follow me? Jesus said this to his disciples.  Jesus teaches that if we are to be his disciple, we are to become a living sacrifice for him. To take up your cross, means for us to live for God’s purpose and do his will. The level of commitment is not just a Sunday here and an Easter there, Jesus wants it all, a living sacrifice.  A disciple back in Jesus’s time was not just a student, but more than a student.  The disciple would move in with the teacher and learn all their ways, so that when people met the disciple, they saw the teacher.  That is the way we are to live for Jesus.  We are to take up our cross daily and obey Jesus.  Be Him, do His will.

Scripture: Luke 9:15-27

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Audio message by Minister Robert Huron March 10, 2019 AM

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