Southern Sudan Mission VBS Trip 2017

Sarah Mayo

Sarah Mayo shared with the church her trip, this summer, to Africa through Southern Sudan Missions, a mission the church supports.  The team created a VBS program to share the love of Christ to over 1,000 children in Gambella, Ethiopia.  Sarah stayed 17 days and visited Newland Church of Christ, Pwoljay Church of Christ, Abol Church of Christ and Lare Church of Christ.  The majority of the children want to hear the bible stories and take home the crafts they make.  Every year they have to turn kids away because there is not enough supplies or room.

The hardest part of the trip was getting the crafts ready and getting them there Sarah said.  She spent countless hours cutting the crafts apart.  The churches report that they have baptisms daily and it costs about $50 to fill the baptistry with water for a baptism.  The water evaporates quickly in the hot weather of Sudan.  To get the water, it cost the mission $15,000 to dig a well.  It is a very humbling experience to work with the kids, Sarah said.  They have basically enough food for the day and maybe two sets of clothes.  I want to help so much.  I leave a part of my heart there every year.  Sarah stated that they need more people to go so that more children can learn about Jesus.

Southern Sudan Mission is headed by Tyrone Mynhier.  He is training others to take over the ministry in the near future if he can’t continue.  A copy of their last news letter is below.  The address is:

Tyrone Mynhier

Southern Sudan Mission
532 Raleigh Drive
Conroe, TX  77302

Sarah plans on going next year and is preparing for a VBS serving 1,500 children.  They need your support.  Please send a donation to the above address.  Below are some videos of the children.



Tyrone Mynhier and VBS team
Abol Church of Christ VBS 2017



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