Truth or Tolerance

Scripture: Ezra 7

It used to be that the most popular scripture in our society was John 3:16, but now Mark 7:1 is the most popular.  “Judge not, least you be judged.”  How sad.  The devil has manipulated the meaning of words in our society.  The word, tolerance is one of them.  Christians are called to the teach the truth by God.

The meaning of tolerance is the willingness to accept feelings, habits, or beliefs that are different from your own.  Christians are very tolerant but we don’t teach anything other than the Word of God.  God does not teach us to accept beliefs that are different from God’s Word.  This is what the society and the devil is pushing on Christians today.  Are we going to be tolerant or tell the truth?

Minister Huron looks at what was happening during Israel’s captivity in the book of Ezra.  We are to be like Ezra.  Ezra studied God’s Word, obeyed God’s Word and taught God’s Word. Are Christians to be tolerant and not teach the truth of God?  We can love the sinner, at the same time, hating the sin.  It is a Christian’s duty to lovely tell the truth of God’s Word to a lost person.  Not to be silent.  The devil has labeled the Christian intolerant to try to shut them up, not just to tolerate a person’s unbelief.  Listen to the audio lesson below.

Audio sermon by Brother Bob Huron August 7, 2016 AM

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