What to Expect

We are very happy you are considering coming to worship with us.  If you are looking for a church home, please come and visit.  We are a very nice, humble, loving group of Christians.  We are here to bear one another’s burdens, do good works and share in our joy for Jesus.

Dress Code

There is no dress code.  You can wear any clothes you like. Some come in shirt & tie, some in jeans.  God doesn’t care what you wear, he just wants you to worship Him and be obedient.

Sunday School

Sunday school starts at 10:00.  There are two adult classes that you can attend and a class for your children.  Find someone in the hallway to ask for directions.

Sunday Morning Worship

Morning Worship starts at 10:45 am.  We pray, sing, read scripture and listen to an encouraging message from the minister.  We use a variety of musical instruments to enhance our worship.  We sing hymns and contemporary songs.  At times, people will sing special music or read a poem that inspires them.

Lord’s Supper and Offerings

One of the things that may confuse some visitors is when we have the Lord’s Supper which is also called communion.  During the middle of the worship service, we offer communion.  The men pass out trays of grape juice and unleavened bread.  You do not have to partake of the bread and juice.  It’s up to you.  We believe Jesus wants us to take communion every Sunday to remember what He did for us.   Jesus, when he was with his disciples told them to observe His death and resurrection by eating of the unleavened bread and juice.  The bread represents Jesus’s body as a perfect sacrifice on the cross and the grape juice represents His blood, which forgives us of our sins.  We offer communion every Sunday that we meet.

After communion, the offering plates are passed and you can place your offerings in the plate as God has blessed you.

Announcements and Prayer Requests

At the end of the service, we talk about the activities we plan for the week and we talk about the churches needs.  We offer prayers and petition God for his help.  Everything is done in an orderly manner as the Holy Spirit leads.  Our service is usually over at noon.

Sunday Evening Worship

Sunday Evening Worship starts at 6:00 pm.  We basically do the same worship service as in the morning. This can help people who have to work or cannot make it to morning worship.

Wheel Chair Accessible

People who have difficulty with steps can use our elevator lift located in the front of the building.

Decision Time

During each service we offer a time of decision.  During the song, you can come forward to give your life to Christ, place membership with the church or ask for prayer.  This is not the only time you can make a decision.  You can make a decision anytime you feel the need.  Talk with the minister or elder.

Wednesday Bible Study

The church meets from 7:00 pm to 8:00 for a time of Bible study.  Various topics are discussed and presented by the minister.